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Standard kit
Camplex Kit
Walls Height:, log diameter and profile specified according to model and to client’s requirements

Corners: saddle notch or dovetail according to client’s requirements and type of log
Roofing Ridge beam or purlins
Rafters and sheathing or trusses and sheathing according to model
Cornice and soffit structure
Cornice and soffit finishing  
Roof fascia pine finishing
Ventilators and flashing; asphalt shingles  
Gables Post & stud structure; furring and sheathing
Exterior pine finish
Interior pine finish for cathedral area  
Dormers according to model
Structure & sheathing
Exterior pine finish
Knee walls according to model and client's requirements Structure and sheathing
2nd floor according to model Girder beam and beam joists
Joists @ 16" o.c.  
T & G 5/8" floor sheathing  
Stairs (int) according to model
Stringers and steps
Partitions Stud structure
Exterior doors (number varies according to model)
Double pine doors,
Pine patio and/or pine French doors according to model and client's requirements
Frames, weather-stripping, screens, fillers
Exterior facers  
Windows (number varies according to model)
Pine thermopane windows, casement type
Pine architectural windows according to model and client's requirements
Screens, window fillers
Exterior facers  
Covered Porches
Posts, beams and bands for covered porch
Roof structure
Asphalt shingles & flashing  
Hurricane bolts on site drilling
For all kits shipped to hurricane or earthquake areas
10" spikes and butt joint sealant
3 sets of blueprints, Construction guide & VHS video cassette

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